She is currently involved in the European research project Euryka (H2020) on the analysis of the youth political participation in social media. Besides she is at present working in other research projects such as the study of youth participation in citizen science (STEM4youth), the analysis of open access in science ( and researching on the transformation of the experiences of ageing with the new forms of communications in networked societies (ACT).


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[Finalistas del 2º Premio SCImago-EPI al mejor artículo 2012-2016]

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Conferences and workshops

Rosales, A.;  Fernández-Ardèvol, M.; Ferran-Ferrer, N. (2018). “Long-term appropriation of smartwatches among a group of older people”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Thematic Area: Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population [pending publication]

Member of the Program Committee of the 13th International Conference, iConference 2018, Sheffield, UK, March 25–28, 2018

Bonhoure, I., Ferré, S., Pou, T., Ferran-Ferrer, N., Perelló, J. (2018). “Citizen Science at secondary schools: a comparative evaluation by students, teachers and scientists” in Second International ECSA Conference, European Citizen Science Association, 3-5 June, Geneva, Switzerland

Ferran-Ferrer, Núria and Guallar, Javier and Abadal, Ernest and Server, Adan (2016). Métodos y técnicas de investigación en revistas españolas de Información y Documentación (2012-14)., 2016 . In 6ª Conferencia internacional sobre revistas de ciencias sociales y humanidades, Universitat de Barcelona, 5-6 may 2016. Accessible online:



Perelló, J. Bonhoure, I; Ferran-Ferrer, N.; Senabre, E. (2017) “Evaluation and Empowerment of Citizen Science Projects at Secondary Schools”, CSA 2017.

Book and chapters

Perelló, Josep; Ferran-Ferrer, Núria; Farré, Salvador; Bonhoure, Isabelle (2017). “Chapter 9: Secondary school rubrics for citizen science projects” in Citizen Inquiry: A fusion of citizen science and inquiry learning, ed. Prof Christothea Herodotou, Prof Mike Sharples and Prof Eileen Scanlon. London: Roudledge, p.150-175.

Coordination of number 61 “Pensar en mòbil” of the journal Ítem from the Librarians and Documentalists organisation (COBDC):

Ferran-Ferrer, N. (2010). Towards a personalised virtual library: Indications from navigational and personal information behaviour of e-learning students [thesis dissertation]. Directors: Mario Pérez Montoro and Julià Minguillón Alonso. Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Biblioteconomia i Documentació. ISBN 9788469316863

Current projects 

  • Euryka. Reinventing Democracy in Europe: Youth Doing Politics in Times of Increasing Inequalities (2017-2020). H2020-SC6-REV-INEQUAL-2016. [3.245.720€]
  •  Ageing, Communication, Technologies (ACT): experiencing a digital world in later life (2014-21). 895-2013-1018.
  • El acceso abierto a la ciencia en España: evaluación de su impacto en el sistema de comunicación científica (2014-17)


  • Estudi d’usuaris de les biblioteques públiques (2015-17). Servei de Biblioteques de la Generalitat de Catalunya.Estudi d’usuaris de les biblioteques públiques (2015-17). Servei de Biblioteques de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • El acceso abierto a la producción científica (open access) en España: análisis del grado de implantación y de la sostenibilidad de un nuevo modelo de comunicación científica (2012-14). CSO2011-29503-C02-01/SOCI. [85.910€]